Training programme

WallTraC provides training for 11 PhD students and 2 post-docs. Training is based on the key principles outlined in the Bologna Seminar on Doctoral Programmes for the European Knowledge Society. The structure of WallTraC training is addressed on three levels.

Local training

PhD students & post-docs are trained locally at their host institutions for the skills & methodologies required for their research. Additionally, they all have the opportunity to spend several months (5-9) in one to three other laboratories of the network to increase their expertise in specific areas relevant to their research interest but not directly studied in their host-laboratory. Secondment programmes have been prepared with the aim of offering specific training, relevant to each fellow research programme and strongly promoting interdisciplinarity and intersectoriality.

External training

Fellows benefit from training opportunities outside the network.

Network-wide training

Six network-wide training events will be organized by WallTraC partners & associated partners. Each training event encompasses scientific & complementary skills modules. The network training events maximize fellows' sets of competencies in accordance with their individual research project.