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Last update: May 2021

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The research leading to the results published here have received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7 2007-2013) under Grant Agreement n°263916. The publications available here reflect the authors’ views only. The European Community is not liable for any use that may be made of the information contained herein.

You can access all papers, oral presentations, posters and promotional materials in the corresponding sections. Only the latest publications are available below.

Latest publications

Scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals

D. Rajasundarama,b, J. Selbiga,b (aU.Potsdam, bMax Planck I.). More effort - more results: Recent advances in integrative 'omics' data analysis. Current Opinion in Plant Biology, Vol. 30, pp. 57-61 (2016)

pdf  Download the abstract

V. Cornuaulta, F. Buffettob, M.G. Rydahlc, S.E. Marcusa, T.A. Torodea, J. Xuea, M.-J. Crépeaub, N. Faria-Blancd, W.G.T. Willatsc, P. Dupreed, M.-C. Raletb, J.P. Knoxa (aU.Leeds, bINRA, cU.Copenhagen, dU.Cambridge). Monoclonal antibodies indicate low-abundance links between heteroxylan and other glycans of plant cell walls. Planta, Vol. 242, pp. 1321-1334 (2015)

pdf  Download the abstract

F. Buffettoa, V. Cornuaultb, M.G. Rydahlc, D. Ropartza, C. Alvaradoa, V. Echasserieaua, S. Le Galla, B. Boucheta, O. Tranqueta, Y. Verhertbruggena, W.G.T. Willatsc, J.P. Knoxb, M.-C Raleta, F. Guillona (aINRA, bU.Leeds, cU.Copenhagen). The deconstruction of pectic rhamnogalacturonan I unmasks the occurrence of a novel arabinogalactan oligosaccharide epitope. Plant and Cell Physiology, Vol. 56, issue 11, pp. 2181-2196 (2015)

pdf  Download the abstract

M.C. Hernandez-Gomeza, J.-L. Runavotb, X. Guoc, S. Bourotb, T. A.S. Beniansa, W.G.T. Willatsc, F. Meulewaeterb , J.P. Knoxa (aU. Leeds, bBayer CropScience, cU.Copenhagen). Heteromannan and heteroxylan cell wall polysaccharides display different dynamics during the elongation and secondary cell wall deposition phases of cotton fiber cell development. Plant and Cell Physiology Vol. 56, issue 9, pp. 1786-1797 (2015)

pdf  Download the abstract

M.C. Hernandez-Gomeza, M.G. Rydahlb,A. Rogowskic, C. Morlandc, A. Cartmellc, L. Crouchc, A. Labourelc, C.M.G.A. Fontesd, W.G.T. Willatsb, H.J. Gilbertc, J.P. Knoxa (aU.Leeds, bU.Copenhagen, cU.Newcastle). Recognition of xyloglucan by the crystalline cellulose-binding site of a family 3a carbohydrate-binding module. FEBS Letters Vol. 589, issue: 18, pp. 2297-2303 (2015)

pdf  Download the abstract

A.J. Piresa, T. Ribeiroa, A. Thompsonb, I. Vendittoa, V.O. Fernandesa,c, P. Bukea, H. Santosa, V.D. Alvesa, V. Piresa, L.M.A. Ferreiraa, C.M.G.A. Fontesa, S. Najmudina (aU.lisbon, bSynchrotron Soleil, cNZYTech). Purification and crystallographic studies of a putative carbohydrate-binding module from the Ruminococcus flavefaciens FD-1 endoglucanase Cel5A. Acta Christallographica Section F-Structural Biology Communications, Vol. 71, pp. 958-961, part 8 (2015)

pdf  Download the abstract

Y. Luoa,b, S. Schollc, A. Doeringd, Y. Zhangd, N.G. Irania,b, S. Di Rubboa,b, L. Neumetzlerd, P. Krishnamoorthyd, I. Van Houttea,b, E. Myllea,b, V. Bischoffe,f, S. Vernhettese,f, J. Winneg, J. Frimlh, Y.-D. Stierhofi, K. Schumacherc, S. Perssond,j, E. Russinovaa,b (aDepartment of Plant Systems Biology, VIB, b,gGhent University, cHeidelberg University, dMax Planck Institute, e,fINRA, AgroParisTech, IJPB, hInstitute of Science and Technology Austria, iUniversity of Tübingen, jUniversity of Melbourne ).V-ATPase activity in the TGN/EE is required for exocytosis and recycling in Arabidopsis. Nature Plants, Vol. 1 Issue 7, pp 15094 (2015)

pdf  Download the abstract

K. Camerona, Shabir Najmudina, Victor D. Alvesa, Edward A. Bayerb, Steven P. Smithc, Pedro Bulea, Helen Wallerd, Luís M.A. Ferreiraa, H.J. Gilbertd, and C.M.G.A. Fontesa (aU.Lisbon, bWeizmann Institute of Science, cQueen's University, dU.Newcastle). Cell-surface attachment of bacterial multi-enzyme complexes involves highly dynamic protein-protein anchors. The Journal Of Biological Chemistry Vol.290, NO.21, pp 13578-13590 (2015)

pdf  Download the abstract

A.G. Sousaa,b, Louise I. Ahla, Henriette L. Pedersena, Jonatan U. Fangela, Susanne O. Sørensenb, William G.T. Willatsa (aU.Copenhagen, bCP Kelco). A multivariate approach for high throughput pectin profiling by combining glycan microarrays with monoclonal antibodies. Carbohydrate Research vol.409 pp. 41-47 (2015)

pdf  Download the abstract

A.G. Sousaa,b, H.L. Nielsena, I. Armagana, J. Larsena, S.O. Sørensena (aCP Kelco, bU.Copenhagen). The impact of rhamnogalacturonan-I side chain monosaccharides on the rheological properties of citrus pectin. Food Hydrocolloids Vol.47, pp.130-139 (2015)

pdf  Download the abstract

I. Vendittoa, S. Najmudina, A.S. Luísb, L.M.A. Ferreiraa, K. Sakkac, J.P. Knoxd, H.J. Gilbertb, and C.M.G.A. Fontesa (aU.Lisbon, bU.Newcastle, cU.Mie, dU.Leeds). Family 46 Carbohydrate-Binding Modules contribute to the enzymatic hydrolysis of xyloglucan and β-1,3-1,4-glucans through distinct mechanisms. The Journal Of Biological Chemistry Vol.290, NO.8 (2015)

pdf  Download the abstract

I. Vendittoa, A. Goyalb, A. Thompsonc, L.M.A. Ferreiraa, C.M.G.A. Fontesa and S. Najmudina (aU.Lisbon, bIndian Institute of Technology Guwahati, cSynchrotron SOLEIL).Crystallization and preliminary crystallographic studies of a novel noncatalytic carbohydrate- binding module from the Ruminococcus flavefaciens cellulosome. Acta Crystallographica Section F. F70, 45-48 (2015)

pdf   Download the abstract

Oral presentations

V. Cornuault (U.Leeds). Epitope Detection Chromatography: a new method to study pectin heterogeneity. Pacifichem on 15-20 December 2015 in Honolulu (USA).

M. Kayaa, A.G. Sousa*,b, M.-J. Crépeaua, S.O. Sørensenb, M.-C. Raleta (aINRA, bCPKelco). X Reunión de Biología Vegetal on 2-4 December 2015 in Valdivia (Chili).

J. Schückel, S.K. Kracun and W.G.T. Willats (U.Copenhagen). A new generation of chromogenic substrates for high-throughput screening of glycosyl hydrolases, LPMOs and proteases. Presented at the 11th  Carbohydrate bioengeneering meeting on 10-13 May, 2015 in Espoo (FI)

pdf   Download A new generation of chromogenic substrates for high-throughput screening of glycosyl hydrolases, LPMOs and proteases

A.G. Sousa, H.L. Nielsen, I. Armagan, J. Larsen and S.O. Sørensen (CP Kelco). The impact of RGI side chains on rheological properties of pectin. Presented at the 1st International EPNOE Junior Scientists Meeting on 19-20 January 2015 in Wageningen (NL)

pdf  Download The impact of RGI side chains on rheological properties of pectin

D. Rajasundarama,b, J. Selbiga,b (aU.Potsdam, bMax Planck I.). Integrative Analysis of Multi-Source Data: Application and Methodologies. Presented at SMODIA, the Statistical methods for omics data integration and analysis organized by Stategra project on Nov. 11, 2014 in Heraklion (GR)

pdf Download Integrative Analysis of Multi-Source Data: Application and Methodologies


P. Krishnamoorthya, T. Ischebeckb, C. Sánchez-Rodrígueza, I. Heilmannc, S.Perssona,d (aMax Planck I., bU.Gottingen, cU.Halle, dU.Melbourne). Phosphoinositides regulate cell wall deposition in Arabidopsis leaves. Presented at the the 9th Tri-National Arabidopsis Meeting on September 24-26, 2014 in Heidelberg (DE)

pdf  Download Phosphoinositides regulate cell wall deposition in Arabidopsis leaves

J. Schückela, S. K. Kracuna, W.G.T. Willatsa (aU.Copenhagen). 'CPH assay': high-throughput screening of endo-glycoside hydrolases using novel chromogenic polysaccharide substrates. Presented at the 7th International Congress on Biocatalysis on August 31-September 4, 2014 in Hamburg (DE)

pdf  Download 'CPH assay': high-throughput screening of endo-glycoside hydrolases using novel chromogenic polysaccharide substrates

Promotional materials

pdf   WallTraC article in CPKelco worldwide newsletter

- U.Copenhagen news article about Network Meeting 7 and their high throughput enzyme assay (read online)

- U.Potsdam article about their work in Portal Wissen 2014: